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BlueMutiny Network

Welcome to the BlueMutiny Network.

The BlueMutiny Network has been designed to join together many of the services, both on BlueMutiny (such as In:Frame) and outside it, such as iPhone apps and commercial websites.

You can sign up with just a few extremely quick steps, and you're on your way to having complete access and control over your information and security on all our services.


  • Multiple services handled with the same login and basic details;
  • Extra security with new features planned to be released soon (such as location locks);
  • Informative Notifications from all your services, available easily on every page;
  • Also functions as an affiliate system for commercial websites.

BlueMutiny Network is in its infancy and over the coming months more and more services will be included. Accounts are free with no obligation, so sign up now and keep an eye out for some cool new features coming soon!